Ajith Kumar’s villainous characters are celebrated by fans


One of the most prominent actors in Tamil cinema is Ajith Kumar. His fans praise the delivery days of his movies like a celebration in Tamil film. A list of movies in which Ajith Kumar played both the hero and the villain is included on this list. The full details are provided here.

Entertainer Ajith Kumar has drawn in the consideration of many by assuming the part of ‘Dim Demon’ in Thadvu. The movie was released during the Pongal festival in 2023 and became a big hit. Entertainer Ajith’s personality in the film is being discussed and celebrated by a lot of people. Ajith Kumar plays the bad guy in the movie.

Beginning: In the first half of the movie, Ajith Kumar does a fantastic job as a villain. The entire character of Ajith Kumar was only made clear in the second half of the movie. The movie is coordinated by Vishnu Varadhan and stars Arya and Nayanthara.

The film Billa (2008) marked a significant turning point in the career of actor Ajith Kumar. Billa 2 is a film that has been made and released as a sequel to this one. Billa is played by actor Ajith Kumar in the movie. In Tamil cinema, little has been said about the film. Nevertheless, the film is currently receiving widespread praise in Tamil cinema.

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AR Rahman is a college.. taken in the significance of film there: Little Revathi is pleased with Mangatha because “Vinayak Mahadev” was played by actor Ajith Kumar. Many people still celebrate this character of his. This is the 50th film that actor Ajithkumar has appeared in.

5. The crew of Rajini’s Billa film devised a novel design and created it in accordance with the times. Entertainer Ajith Kumar plays had a double impact in the film. Ajith Kumar has distinguished himself in acting as a hero from a villain. The movie was a 2008 blockbuster that was talked about a lot.

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6. History starred Ajith Kumar in three roles in the critically acclaimed Tamil film History. Entertainer Ajith Kumar assumed a double part as the reprobate in the film and Asathi was praised by quite a few people. For this film, Ajith Kumar received numerous awards.

Atakasam is a movie in which Ajith Kumar plays two roles. Saran is the film’s director. Ajith Kumar’s performance as Thoothukudi ‘Dada’ in the movie attracted a lot of attention. Fans of Tamil cinema have lavished praise on both the movie and Ajith’s performance as Guru.

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8. In the film, Citizen Actor Ajith Kumar portrayed a person who commits numerous offenses against the government. In the movie, Ajith Kumar played both a father and a son. Ajith Kumar, who appears in the film as both a bad guy and a villain who makes mistakes, plays both roles. The film was broadly discussed.

9. Deena
Coordinated by AR Murugadoss, the film featured Ajith Kumar as a hoodlum. When it came out in 2002, the movie was a huge success with fans. Ajith Kumar got his nickname “Thala” from this movie.

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10. Wally
Coordinated by SJ Surya, the film highlighted entertainer Ajith in a double job. The film’s antagonist, played by actor Ajith, is a popular topic of discussion among young people. Ajith’s film changed his career in many ways and made him popular with many people.

The following is a list of the top-grossing Tamil films for the year 2023 only in Tamil Nadu. Mani Ratnam’s Ponni’s Selvan 2, Vijay’s Varisu, and Ajithkumar’s Thadvu are on this list. The full details are provided here.

Ajith Kumar, Manju Warrier, and Samuthirakani star in the action thriller Thadhavu, which was directed by Hutch Vinod. On the occasion of the Pongal festival in 2023, the movie was released in Tamil cinema. On its first day of release in Tamil cinema, the film made 24.59 crore rupees. The movie has received rave reviews and amassed a sizable fan base in the Tamil film industry.
2. Ponni’s Selvan 2 – 21.37 crore Ponniyin Selvan 02 – The 2022 sequel to Ponniyin Selvan was directed by Mani Ratnam. The film, which was distributed throughout India, received a tremendous response from fans. On its first day alone, Ponni’s Selvan 2 has brought in 21.37 crores in Tamil Nadu.
3. Succession – 19.43 crore Varisu – the Vijay-starring Telugu film “Talapathi” directed by Vamsi and produced by Dil Raju The film was delivered as a skillet Indian film in Tamil and India. The film, which was released in time for Pongal 2023, has grossed 19.43 crores in Tamil Nadu on its first day. Vijay has opened his market in Telugu film with this film.

4. Vathi – ₹ 5.80 crore

Vaathi – Tamil and Telugu is a bilingual film which has been generally welcomed by the fans. The movie has made more than 100 crores of dollars. The film has gathered ₹ 5.80 crores on its most memorable day of delivery in Tamil Nadu . The film has been named one of the best films of the year and received praise from critics and audience members for its engaging plot.

5. Batu Thala is an action movie that costs 5.63 crore rupees. It stars Silambarasan and Gautham Karthik, two of the most well-known actors in the industry. The popular Kannada film Mufti has been officially remade for the screen. The film, which was released as a remake, has made 5.63 crore rupees in Tamil Nadu alone on its first day of release.

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1. Bana Kite
Bana Kathadi is a 2010 Tamil heartfelt film. Badri Venkatesh directed and wrote the script. Atharva, the son of Tamil film actor Murali, appears in this… I Am E Nan E is a Tamil film from 2012. The movie, titled Eeka, was released in Telugu. This film is made in Tamil and Telugu. …

3. You are my brilliant spring
Nee Thane En Ponvasantham is a 2012 melodic heartfelt film. Top Stories Grandpa is now in a happy situation for me as well…! The film will simultaneously feature various Telugu actors.

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