Dubai Police recover Dh2 million stolen by family driver within 6 hours

Dubai: The family’s driver stole Dh2 million in cash that was left in the car and was recovered by Dubai Police.

An Arab woman expressed gratitude to Dubai Police’s Victim Communication Section for quickly assisting her and recovering her money.

The woman told Gulf News her story and urged others not to leave valuables or money in their cars.

The 31-year-old Moroccan woman, who has lived in Dubai for the past four years, claimed that she had hired a driver after giving birth to her five-month-old son.

She stated that the Indian expat driver had 24 years of Dubai experience and was “very polite.”

Cash withdrawal The woman added that she had recently withdrawn Dh4 million from her bank account to start a real estate business in Dubai. She stated, “I always had money with me in the car because I needed to pay the workers after all the work for the week had been completed.”

She frequently referred the driver to suppliers or other parties for payment. I had faith in him, and he drove very well.

The driver was sent home following the car accident on Thursday evening. However, this time they had neglected to remove the cash from the vehicle.

She had only had her new car for a week. The driver “caused an accident in the car,” stole the money from the car, and booked a flight. He took Dh100,000 from the Dh2 million and gave the remaining cash to a friend. His strategy was to gradually send all of the money to India. The driver then flew out at 5.15 in the morning.

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“The police were extremely prompt. Within twenty minutes, a police patrol arrived at my house to take my statement. A number of police officers and CIDs followed suit, “she stated.

Additionally, a team from Dubai Police’s Victim Communication Section met the woman to gather information about the incident.

Within six hours, they got the money and her bag back.

The woman advised members of the community to “be careful with who you trust.”

She stated, The driver was the best; he treated my two children with respect and compassion. However, a lot of money still entices some people.

“I want to thank the Dubai Police for their excellent work.”

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