Lenovo partners with Marvel comic artist to design five Legion ‘Second Skin’ stickers

Lenovo has collaborated with comic artist and game designer Salva Espn to create a limited-edition collection of stickers that combine the online and offline worlds, inspired by this dual persona.

According to Lenovo research, gamers feel their most authentic selves when they play games at home (58 percent), followed by socializing with friends and family (52%), and engaging in other personal hobbies and interests (46%).

Findings revealed that certain professions feel most authentic when playing specific genres of games, with nearly 60% of gamers choosing to keep their gaming life until after work. When playing strategic games, for instance, clerical workers (44%), medical and healthcare workers (42%), financial workers (38%) and science workers (40%) feel their most authentic selves, according to Lenovo’s research study. While computer professionals (45%) prefer to play role-playing games, creative professionals (40%) prefer RPGs.

Laptops from Lenovo Legion act as a great bridge between the worlds that gamers frequently cross. The Lenovo Legion 7 and Lenovo Legion Slim 7 have AMD RyzenTM processors and AMD RadeonTM graphics, giving users more freedom of movement while still providing the power and performance they need to continue being irresistibly stylish on the outside and indomitably savage on the inside.

Despite the fact that many gamers lead dual lives, rarely is this duality celebrated. Lenovo Legion has collaborated with Salva Espn, a comic artist and game designer who is well-known for his work with Marvel on characters like Deadpool, She-Hulk, X-Men, and Wolverine, to create a series of stickers called “Second Skins.” Salva Espn has stated, “It has been amazing to be part of this project, which has allowed me to indulge in all my passions design, gaming, and technology.” This taps into the Working closely with the Lenovo team to shape the five designs that best illustrate the survey results, I thoroughly enjoyed the creative process. I’ve already added a sticker to my Lenovo Legion 7 that represents the dual nature of my gaming and professional selves. I can’t wait to see how these designs will be incorporated into the laptops of thousands of other people!
The stickers represent the contrast of what life would be like if we constantly accepted our online authentic selves. These stickers, which depict a Mage on a coffee run and a Knight checking their medical inventory, are intended to encourage gamers to embrace their alter egos, regardless of skin color.

Commentary from Lenovo EMEA’s Chief Marketing Officer, Alberto Spinelli:

Working on the Second Skin campaign with Salva has been a lot of fun for us. We hope that the Second Skin stickers will inspire our community to be their authentic selves, whether at work or in the middle of a battle royale. As a company that has always been committed to assisting gamers in accomplishing incredible things, both in gaming and in life, Laptop stickers are a way for us to show who we are, and Salva has done an excellent job of capturing the collision of these two worlds in these designs. We hope they bring as much happiness to others as we have.
Commentary from AMD’s EMEA Marketing Lead, Christian Dotzauer:

“This study reveals a crucial fact about the significance of gaming experiences as a source of amusement, deep social connection, and genuine self-expression in the lives of many people. We are delighted to collaborate with Lenovo to celebrate gamers bringing their true selves to other aspects of their lives through Savage Stickers. The communities that form around games and gaming experiences are unlike any other.
The Lenovo Legion Gaming Community will be responsible for creating the final sticker. Simply by replying to the Community thread and uploading their artwork, anyone can submit their own dual persona sketch. The submission period will end on January 26, 2023, at which point Salva will personally choose his favorite. After that, he and the winner will collaborate to turn the winning idea into the final Second Skin design.

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