The end of Mugurtha has lowered the prices of vegetables and flowers in the Koyambedu

CHENNAI: In the Koyambedu vegetable market, contingent upon the stockpile of vegetables or during significant celebrations, costs increment and diminishing. As Mugurh’s reign comes to an end, flower and vegetable prices have dropped. In like that, the previous morning, a kilo of tomato was Rs.5, onion was Rs.10, little onion was Rs.35, tuber was Rs.16, radish was Rs.10, cabbage was Rs.8, eggplant was Rs.18, karamani was Rs.22, savsav, beetroot was Rs. , Zucchini, Vendai, and Green Chilli were offered at prices of 15, 25, and 25, respectively.
In a similar vein, a kilogram of jasmine cost Rs. 400 at the flower market a week ago, as did ice jasmine, wild jasmine, jatimalli, mullai, Rs. 300, Kanakambaram, Rs. 800, arli flower, Rs. 200, marigold, Rs. 240, sambangi, Rs. 100, and chocolate rose, Rs. .80 and paneer rose was sold for Rs.90. A kilogram of jasmine, nutmeg, and mulberry sold for Rs. 200 yesterday morning; wild jasmine sold for Rs. 150; kanacombaram sold for Rs. 300; arli flower and marigold sold for Rs. 100; paneer rose, sambangi sold for Rs. 30; and chocolate rose sold for Rs. 50. This price cut has pleased customers.

* A bundle of banana leaf cost Rs.800 five days ago; a single banana leaf cost Rs.10, a bundle cost Rs.1,500, and small banana leaf cost Rs.800. A head of banana leaves sold for Rs.2, a small bunch sold for Rs.800, and a bunch of banana leaves sold for Rs.800 yesterday morning.

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